WFTU Statement on the 90 years since the birth of Che

“People may die but never do their ideas” Today, June 14, 2018, is the 90th anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest revolutionaries of the twentieth century, Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, known throughout the Latin American continent as “Che”. For the big class-oriented family of the WFTU, the figure of Che remains a guide for the struggles of the present and the future. Although the US imperialists managed to kill him, they will never succeed, no matter how hard they try, to sully his pioneering action, his immense contribution in the struggle against capitalism and its lackeys. For us, for all the simple and class-oriented unionists, the emblematic figure and the ideas of Che will never lose their validity and vigor. Che was a revolutionary who fought imperialism with the weapon at hand and never gave up; and this can not be erased by the falsifiers of history. At this very moment when imperialists prepare new wars for the distribution of natural resources, waves of refugees are uprooted by imperialist aggression and thousands of workers are being sacrificed on the altar of capital gains, the path that Che traced is an example to follow. Because imperialism has not died yet. Because there are thousands of militants of the WFTU throughout the world who continue to fight against the domination of capital and keep alive the spark and hope for a new world, without exploitation of man by man. For the WFTU, the words of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro are the wish that we share with all our class brothers and sisters throughout the world: “If we want to express how we want our children to be, we must say: WE WANT THEM TO BE LIKE CHE!” The Secretariat