WFTU declaration on 1st of September – Action Day of Trade Unions for Peace

WFTU established the 1st of September, the anniversary of the beginning of the Second World War due to the attack of Nazi Germany on Poland, as a great day of struggle of the Trade Unions for peace. September the 1st is a day of remembrance and honor for the millions of victims of the Nazi and fascist atrocities of the Second World War, but also for all the victims of the imperialist wars, for all those who paid with their lives for the imperialist antagonisms, the nationalist extremities and the capitalist bulimia for expansion and more profits for capital and the multinational monopolies. This year’s World Day of Action takes on special significance in view of the immense dangers and threats to peoples and their right to live in peace, which have escalated dangerously, as demonstrated by the US, NATO, EU conflict with Russia, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the imperialist war that has been going on for 6 months already, as well as the US-China confrontation. The world is facing a phase of extreme intensification of political, economic, and military antagonism for the control and exploitation of our planet’s economic resources.  The peoples pay the cost of the imperialist antagonism with death, refugeeism, and the deterioration of their living and working conditions. Under the responsibility of the USA and its European allies the imperialist alliance of NATO is strengthening, which, with the New Strategic Concept decided at the recent summit in Madrid, is stepping up its aggression and expanding across the globe. The intensification of the struggle against NATO and any imperialist alliance is becoming of great importance, it is an imperative for the peoples. The pretexts it uses about so called clash between the forces of “democracy” and “authoritarianism” are refuted by the experience of the peoples, by the wars and interventions in Yugoslavia, Palestine, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Cyprus and so many other regions, resulting in the loss of countless lives, millions of refugees and displaced persons, have led entire peoples to destruction and misery. The effort of the imperialists to appear today as defenders of international law and human rights is blatantly hypocritical and cannot conceal their own dirty role in international developments. World peace cannot be protected through militarization or through the patronage of all kinds of extreme right-wing nationalist and fascist ideologies. World peace cannot be based on sanctions and economic wars. Those who, as a matter of principle, defend people’s rights, the right of peoples to live in peace, are fighting against the exploiters and oppressors of peoples, for the elimination of the causes of imperialist wars, the disengagement and dismantling of NATO and all military coalitions, the abolition of nuclear weapons and respect for the independence and sovereignty of all countries. The war in Ukraine deepens, even more, the capitalist crisis which they are once again trying to shift its burden on the workers’ shoulders and the popular strata. Unemployment and inflation are mercilessly undermining the living standards of workers at a time when wages not only remain stagnant but, under the pretext of the pandemic and the crisis, are in many cases being reduced. On the occasion of September 1, World Trade Union Day of Action for Peace, the WFTU calls upon all class-oriented trade unions to organize anti-war, anti-imperialist actions andmobilizations in defense of peace and cooperation of peoples, against imperialist wars and interventions, against militarism and militarization of international relations, against imperialist practices of sanctions, blockades, and economic wars. For the right of every people to decide its own future against capitalist exploitation and social injustice. The WFTU appeals to all the workers to organize themselves as massively as possible, to join, support, and strengthen the class-oriented unions so that their struggles become more decisive and effective. Only through organized mass and class-oriented struggles can we overthrow the global exploitative system driven by international finance Capitals and imperialistic forces and correlations for another path of global development. For a path that serves the workers and peoples and not the interests of the imperialists, corporates and the monopolies. For a world without imperialist wars and interventions, without exploitation of man by man. The Secretariat