Today September 22, the WFTU General Secretary and Member of the Parliament George Mavrikos intervened in the discussion of the Greek Parliament on the new austerity measures adopted by the Greek government. Those measures, among others include the dismissal of 30,000 civil servants and deep cuts in the pensions and salaries of workers. George Mavrikos greeted from the Greek Parliament the initiative of the WFTU Colombia Team to call on September 22, International Day of Solidarity with the people of Greece. His words were as follows:

“(…) Since the first signs of the capitalist crisis in Greece the government of the neo-conservatives at that moment and the social democrats today have slandered the Greek people. Even the Prime Minister himself told the international media that Greek workers are lazy.

You use this tactic to convince the Greek society and international public opinion that neither you nor your politics are to blame, but the workers. Shame on you! You are slanderers and you are using tactics of the mafia! As a result, Greek unemployed workers cannot find work even abroad when they are forced to emigrate.

However, workers in every continent, Latin America, Asia, Europe are informed; they see with their own eyes and read. They know that our people are the people who fought with arms against fascism, fought with arms for freedom and prosperity; they now see the big struggles. Worldwide they are witnesses of the great class struggles against imperialism and anti-capitalist. Witnesses of the class conflict, strikes, demonstrations against the IMF, against the EU, against the ECB.

Everyone realizes and knows the role of PAME, which is the heart and mind of this counter-offensive of the working class. And at this very moment we are talking, today September 22, at the initiative of Colombians comrades, dozens of solidarity demonstrations and protests are being organized in countries around the world outside the embassies of Greece in Bogotá, Algeria, Spain , Brazil, Peru, Palestine, Bangladesh, Chile, Dominican Republic, India, Pakistan, Iran, Portugal, Vietnam.

We thank all these workers and we want them to know that this give us strength for the new struggles that lie ahead. I assure you that the Communist Party of Greece will be in the political vanguard of this strong mass class movement to overthrow the capitalist exploitation. “