Italy: USB calls for a general strike next 26th of May

It is time to fight, the Meloni government must go: general strike on 26 May. Millions workers have seen their purchasing power fall by about 12% for the past 30 years. Millions of workers suffer from the constant worsening of working conditions between precariousness, flexibility, increased productivity and work rhythms, compulsory part-time, Jobs Act, indiscriminate dismissals, and ever worsening job security conditions. Millions of workers have seen their wages fixed, by national contracts signed too benevolently, below EUR 7 gross per hour. Millions of working men and women have seen those social rights enshrined in our constitutional charter – the right to health, the right to housing, the right to public education, the right to efficient public transport – torn up. In the face of this dramatic social condition, while in France, Portugal, Germany, England, and Greece protests are flaring up and a season of large-scale mobilisations has begun USB, a conflictual, confederal union, which has always been on the side of the workers, indicates the only possible road and response: 26 MAY IS GENERAL STRIKE! – 300 EUROS NET IMMEDIATELY IN THE PAY ENVELOPE – SALARIES LINKED TO REAL INFLATION – MINIMUM WAGE €10 PER HOUR – LOWERED PRICES AND TARIFFS     SUPPORT USB STRIKE!! Unione Sindacale di Base