16th Congress, Athens Greece – Workers are welcomed by workers

The Greek working class welcomes the 16th World Trade Union Congress, Faliro Pavilion, Athens Greece, 6 April 2011 La class obriera griega la bienvenida del 16o Congreso Sindical M[...]

WFTU Report of Action 2006-2010

Video-Report on the WFTU Activities for the period 2006-2010[...]

Teaser for the Opening Ceremony for the 16th Congress

The WFTU 16th Congress will take place in Athens, Greece on April 6-10 2011. Preparations for the big opening ceremony have already started. El 16º Congreso Sindical Mundial se cel[...]

Greeting message of WFTU General Secretary for the New Year

Greeting message of World Federation of Trade Unions General Secretary George Mavrikos for the New Year 2010[...]

Mensaje de Año Nuevo del Secretario General de la FSM

Mensaje de felicitación del Secretario General de la Federación Sindical Mundial, George Mavrikos para el Nuevo Año 2010[...]