A Teleconference of FISE for French Speaking Africa took place on 27.10.2020

Following the recent International Teleconference of the World Federation of Teachers Unions (FISE), a Teleconference of FISE for French Speaking Africa has been organized,  with the participation of comrades from Senegal, Morocco, Cameroon, Mali and DR Congo. Cde Cheick Alassane Sene from Senegal, Vice-President of FISE for Africa, Cde Abderrazzak Drissi from Morocco, member of the Secretariat and the other comrades, underlined the urgent problems of teachers and students, which are the reduction of wages and the precariousness of their jobs, the privatization of education, the impossibility of access to distance education for teachers and children of the working class, the lack of staff, personal protection equipment and necessary infrastructure against the COVID-19 Pandemic. Cde Chrysi Lampoudi from Greece, FISE Vice-president for Europe, also greeted the meeting. The FISE Meeting reiterated the promotion of the militant demands of the FISE teachers’ unions through campaigns and virtual meetings and the better promotion by the website and the FISE network of teachers’ rallies organized in each country, for the strengthening of international solidarity.