Paraguay: LOMP exige libertad para 11 sindicalistas presos

La Liga de Obreros Marítimos del Paraguay (LOMP) se manifestó el 28 de enero de 2015, en e[...]

Turkey Soma Workers visit WFTU Central Offices [TR]

Mine Workers from Soma, Turkey visit the WFTU Central Offices to discuss the situation in [...]

WFTU FSM Solidaridad con la clase trabajadora de Colombia

WFTU Solidarity Conference with the working class of Colombia, June 9th 2014 in the 103rd [...]

2014 WFTU PC Statements: MALAYSIA J Solomon

From WFTU Subregional Office for Asia-Pacific, comrade J Solomon greets the WFTU President[...]

WFTU expresses solidarity to the Greek unions against the fascist attacks

Emil Olsen representing WFTU participated at the rally in solidarity with the Greek unions[...]

ILO Speech of the WFTU General Secretary

WFTU General Secretary George Mavrikos addresses the 102nd ILC Plenary , June 18th, 2013, [...]

WFTU-ICATU Joint Statement

A high-level meeting between the ICATU leadership and WFTU Secretariat was hosted on May 1[...]

May Day Message of the WFTU General Secretary

“We will not become the slaves of the 21st century” says George Mavrikos, Gene[...]