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Speech by Mohhamed Shabban ,WFTU president in 95th ILC Plenary Session

12 June 2006

The Speech Issued by Mr. Mohammed Shabban Azzouz
President of General Federation of Trade Unions in
Syrian Arab Republic.
In The 95TH Session of ILO Conference Geneva 12/6/2006

The 95th Session of the International Labor Conference is held in a crucial time in which the need of workers, people and humanity is increased into getting peace, social justice, equality and descent work. These needs seem semi-absent from the international court throughout the national courts as a result of the neo-liberalism and its sequences that have crushed the workers in the developing and developed countries in the same way. This matter has led to the semi-organized destruction of basic rights of workers, their freedoms, social and health insurances.
Due to the previous matters, the International Labor Conference session in this year has a double importance specially under the shadow of the articles included in the draft Ρrοgram. These articles are all important and considered as the most important issues today either those which are included in following up the announcememt of the organisation concerning the rights, fundamental freedoms in work or work use or issuing new labor work agreements and recommendations. In addition, they discuss conditions of Arab citizens and laborers in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights and the occupied Palestinian lands and the rest of the Arab occupied lands.

Ladies and Gentlemen
The annex of the report of the General Director of the ILO regarding the conditions of the Arab citizens and laborers who are under the Israeli occupation has missed objectivity and neutralism as the previous reports.
The report was not accurate in its description of the tragic conditions for these citizens and laborers. It was not also accurate in its dealing with the reasons of these bad conditions and here we mean in particular the Israeli occupation and the Jewish settlement policies. It has not dealt with the increase of oppression, blockade and semi-daily assassinations that are practiced by Israel against the Arab citizens in Syrian Arab Golan Heights and also in the West Bank and other Arab and Palestinian occupied lands.
The commission should have told the truth directly but
instead of this it tried to hold the responsibility upon the victim i.e. the Arab people and laborers who are under the Israeli occupation. On the counterpart, this commission has tried to beautify the expansionary aggressive racial Israeli policies. Therefore we ask you to note this matter next times because the top priorities of ILO is to face aggression, occupation, racial discrimination and union repression.
Ladies and Gentlemen
We, in the Syrian Arab Republic continue the course of development and modernization. After the last session of the ILO conference, many laws have been issued serving the interests of our people and workers. These have led to the improvement of their life levels, work conditions and supported the achievements and acquirements of our workers.
The dialogue between us and the government continues. It goes into wider horizons to support the achievements of the workers, sustaining the national unity, social establishment cοmprehensive continual development. This is done in spite of the American and Israeli threats and blockades. In these aggressive procedures, they use the international legitimacy in order to implement their plans in targeting our national independence and sovereignty.
Anyway, this targeting is not going to frustrate us or our
determination to continue our national course, our attitude in regaining the Syrian Arab Golan Heights, and our support to our brothers who are under the Israeli-American occupation and interference especially in Iraq and Palestine.
We witness, with shame, under the control of the one-pole a continuation of bloqkade and threatening in using power policies against people and countries which have their- sovereignty. The international legitimacy represented by the Security Council and the U.N. is used to interfere in the internal affairs οf sovereign countries as those in Sudan, North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Lebanon, Belarus, Iran, Venezuela, China and Russia under the slogans of freedom, democracy and defence of human rights. These slogans have witnessed their worst application in Abu Graeb in Iraq and Guantanamo Arrest or other secret arrests in many European countries that their governments pretend their care for human rights and democracy. These governments do not respect the wil1 of their people in refusing and condemning all types οf using power- and the violation οf human rights.
We hope that the ILO wil1 stand with us and support us in our legitimate struggles. We also express our hope that the mutual cooperation increase with this organization. We hope that this organization support us financially and technically.
We affirm our commitment with the message οf the ILO, its charts, conventions and agreements. We hope all success to the conference.
Thank you for your listening
Geneva 12/6/2006
Mohammed Shabban Azzouz
President of General Federation of Trade Unions Syrian Arab Republic

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