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A Declaration by General Federation of Trade Unions in Syrian Arab Republic about the Aggressive Resolution Concerning the Division of Iraq

25 September 2007

In the context of imperial and aggressive American plots and policies, the American congress has adopted an aggressive resolution that orders the division of Iraq into sectarian states. This resolution represents a dangerous example in international relationships that recalls the old-fashioned policies and plots which were issued by imperial empires authorities at the time of direct colonization age which ended in the collapse of fascism in the end of World War II. The least thing that can be stated concerning this resolution is that it is an imperial order upon the will of the Iraqi people which is refused by this great people in all its ethnic and national constituents. This is proved by the last events that were before and after issuing this aggressive resolution which were manifested in the refusal of the Iraqi representatives and leaders of organizations, parties and political and sectarian powers of this resolution. They have assured their defense of the unity of Iraq as people and land and their protection to this unity from the reflections of this aggressive resolution in the present and the future.
The American congress resolution is not only targeting Iraq, it targets all Arab states without any exception. It also targets all countries which have independent choices and orientation. This resolution aims to divide the world according to the benefits of the Zionist racial lobby that controls decisions-makers in the U.S.A.
In short, the American congress resolution does not serve the benefits of the U.S.A., it only serves the benefit of the aggressive project of the zionistizing new conservatives which is reflected by their happiness and applause for the issuing of this resolution.
The Syrian working class and its union organization G.F.T.U. assure that the American congress resolution and other aggressive resolution that are issued in the conservative U.S. Administration scenes will bring disasters to the American-Arab relationships and the U.S. Administration will only achieve loss and frustration in the Arab region and in Iraq in particular. History and the course of fighting people will keep going forward in spite of the American killing and aggressive machine that kills and destroys the world countries and peoples that seek freedom and development.
Syrian workers and their union organization G.F.T.U. seek from all free, honored and struggling people in the Arab world and in the whole world to assure their condemnation to the American congress resolution in dividing Iraq and other aggressive resolutions that have been adopted by the American administration against the Iraqi people since the occupation forces have landed in the Iraqi land.
Syrian workers and unionists seek from the Iraqi people as workers, peasants, and intellectuals and from their diverse ethnic background to have more national unity against the American aggressive occupation and its aggressive plots.
Syrian workers also seek from the courageous Iraqi national resistance to have more unity and solidarity and to direct all guns towards the occupation forces. Syrian workers’ and their union organization’s trust is well-established and assured that the elimination of the American occupation to Iraq is a matter of time and Iraq will return as united and independent Arab state
Long Lives Independent, Arab, United Iraq 
 General Federation of Trade Unions
Syrian Arab Republic

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