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Cuban delegation verifies the willingness of Syria to defend .Its soverienghty

10 February 2012

With the objective giving testimony of the solidarity of the Cuban Workers and their Trade Union Movement with the proletariat and Syrian people who suffers today terrorist actions and a fierce media campaign orchestrated by the United States and Europe with the support of the Arab League, a Cuban delegation from the Cuban Workers Trade Union Central (CTC), visited Damascus between the 8 and 15th of December 2012.

The delegation comprised by the member of the CTC National Secretariat, Raymundo Navarro and Ernesto Rodriguez, official of the Department of International Relations, visited numerous work places in the Capital City and held many meetings with the people exchanging points of view with the President of the Federation of Syrian Workers, Shaban Azzooz, who is at present, the  President of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), an organization in which Cuba occupies a Vice-Presidency.

“We were able to verify wherever we went, that this nation is a nation of dignity and a patriotic country that defends its conquests obtained during 40 years of an ongoing process of social changes led by President Bashar Al-Assad who counts with the support of his people”, said Raymundo Navarro when summarizing his impressions of the contacts he held with different personalities, workers from different factories, common men and women and numerous representative of the Federation of Syrian Workers.

The Cuban Trade Union leader underlined how in spontaneous demonstrations of popular organizations in Damascus and with the numerous presences of youth and women proved an evident support to the Government and to the platform of reforms led towards the betterment of the living conditions of the people. 

Navarro added: “We were able to verify that all that takes place in Syria contradicts the alleged popular inconformity, the outrageous internal conflicts and the fabricated repression presented by the media serves major superpowers. Unlike the chaotic situation that is portrayed in the ill-intended information spread in internet, life in this country lapses in a balanced manner, only altered at times by the terrorist actions perpetrated from neighboring countries”.

Ernesto Rodriguez expressed that “safety was visible all around. Even when we had arrived in Syria 24 hours after a terrorist act, people seemed to be calm; kids were playing in parks; everyone went to work in the morning. For me it was quite clear that the Syrian opposition is above all a media bubble. We did not find one single person who favored foreign intervention; everyone see their images reflected in the mirror of what happened in Libya and other neighboring countries; each popular demonstration and each billboard we saw became a real proof of the support given to Bashar-Al-Assad, who is also fully supported by the Federation of Syrian Trade Unions”.

Orlando Ruiz Ruiz.  

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