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WFTU delegation to Syria

3 November 2011

 wftulogoen.gif The delegation of WFTU, PEO and PAME visited Damascus in Syria and had discussions with GFTU Syria and other organizations. Comrade George Mavrikos, comrade Sotiris Fellas and comrade Giannis Pasoulas took part in this delegation.
 The World Federation of Trade Unions and the whole delegation expressed their support to the people and the workers of Syria who struggle for their rights. Our delegation underlined in each meeting that the Syrian people are the only ones that have the right to democratically and freely choose their own present and future. We expressed our support for political and democratic freedoms, for a new constitution and for not privatizing the strategic sectors of the economy. We expressed our support to GFTU Syria in their attempts to improve the wages of workers, social security and free access of workers to free, public social benefits like healthcare, education and all social services.

 Our delegation condemned the interventions of the USA and its allies, the mean interventions of the government of Turkey and the sultans of Qatar, who hypocritically want to show to the world that they “care about democracy”. In reality the imperialists, their allies and instruments aim at creating the so-called “New Middle East” consisting of small countries with puppet regimes, where the government of the USA, the EU and NATO will determine the exploitation of the natural resources, will support the policy of Israel, will hit the Palestinian people and the Lebanese resistance, will propagandize at ideological, political, economic and cultural level the kind of man that works for the interest of the capital and the transnational corporations.

 Today and after the bombardments of NATO in Libya, where the hypocrites said that they bombed their friend Gaddafi in the name of “democracy”, and the dead of 70 000 Libyans, today the oil of Libya is being shared out among the transnational corporations. We all have the duty to distinguish the BASIC SUBJECT and to reveal the imperialistic hypocrisy and tactics. We should be able to see what is BEING DECIDED each moment and to choose our position, to make right conclusions, not to believe the lies and the hypocrisy of the imperialists, not to be confused by the fabricated news on CNN and BCC.

 We call upon the WFTU affiliates and friends on the basis of the principles of Internationalism, class struggle and anti-imperialistic struggle to support the Syrian people and the working class of Syria, and to demand the immediate stop of foreign interventions.
G. Mavrikos – S. Fellas – G. Pasoulas

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