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21 June 2002

The World Federation of Trade Unions, in accordance with the resolution adopted by the 14th World Trade Union Congress, appeals to working people and trade unions in all countries to observe a Month of Solidarity with the Workers and People of Korea from 23 June to 25 July 2002.
     There is now a further intensification of tension in Korea because of the hostile declarations and actions by the US Administration against the DPRK, including hostile military exercises. Trade union rights of workers in South Korea are also under attack and several trade union leaders have been imprisoned.
      The United States continues to keep, on Korean soil, its military bases with more than 40,000 troops and a large stockpile of nuclear weapons, thus endangering the peace and security of the workers and people in the Korean peninsula and in the region.
The WFTU wishes success to the Korean people who are making great efforts to carry forward the aims of the North-South Joint Declaration and advance towards the reunification of the country. In order to achieve progress in this direction, the WFTU considers it essential that effective steps are taken to reduce tensions in the Korean peninsula and, in particular, to ensure the immediate withdrawal of all US troops which have been occupying South Korea for over half a century. All provocative military exercises should be cancelled. The Korean peninsula should be declared as a nuclear-free zone. The United States Administration should discard its hostile policy against Korea and make efforts to resolve the pressing issues of Korean reunification. All arbitrary sanctions imposed by the US and its allies against the DPRK should be lifted immediately.
            In the framework of the Month of Solidarity, the WFTU also appeals for the further strengthening of solidarity with the struggle of the working people and trade unions of South Korea for their demands for better wages and working conditions, trade union rights, democratic liberties and especially the immediate release of all imprisoned trade unionists.
NOTE: Solidarity messages may be sent to: General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea, P.O.B.333, Pyongyang, DPRK; fax no. (850 2) 3814427; 3814416.

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