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Saddam Hussein’s Execution

2 January 2007

W.F.T.U.World Federation of Trade Unions

Athens January 2, 2007


About the execution of Saddam Hussein by the marionettes of conquerors.


The W.F.T.U. is not neutral, neither holds its tongue !


The world trade-union movement had always and still has criticism, remarks and oppositions related to Saddam Hussein regime. However this does not legalise imperialists to set up parodies of justice asking for “justice”…

The governments of USA, UK and their allies in IRAQ are criminals and murderers of Iraqi people. They have no moral or political right to put on trial no one.

The occupation government in Iraq are marionettes of conquerors. By their policy and tactic they insult the traditions, civilization, culture and history of all civilized people of humanity. At the same time, they offenc arab culture and the long-lasting civilization of the region.

Iraqi people himself was the only to have the right to put a case against Saddam Hussein after deliberating Iraq from the foreign conquerors.

Because of Saddam Hussein execution, the WFTU considers as necessary to underline some points:

1. The abolition of death penalty.

2. The need for immediate withdrawl of all foreign troops from Iraq.

3. The right of every people to self-determination.

4. The value of struggle against Imperialists and their instruments.

5. The need for democratic regimes without foreign dependences.


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