Speech by CGTP-IN, Portugal

Speech of Fátima Messias

CGTP-IN of Portugal

International Trade Union Conference on Working Women / WFTU


13-14 September 2007 – Brussels

Dear friends and Comrades,

On behalf of the CGTP-IN, the General Confederation of the Portuguese Workers, we would like to thank the WFTU for the invitation and hope to be able to contribute to the success of this important Conference on the current situation of working women and the role of the trade union movement.

All CGTP-IN Action Programmes, since our first Congress in 1975, established, as a strategy for action, the specific demands of the working women.


Speech by FESAHT, Portugal

InterventionOf Maria of Jesus Matos FESAHT/PortugalIt discusses the Syndicalism International on the Diligent Woman WFTU 13 and 14 September of 2007 - Brussels

Estimates, Esteem Conferenc,


They allow me on behalf of the FESAHT, to greet you e, to greet through you all and all how many, in each workstation, each department in each region, in each country if they worry or of some form interview concerning the problems that affected the diligent women.

We speak of course of the social rights, we speak of course of the exercise of the right has exempts citizenship, in what it would have to be ...

Speech by Zashita Truda, Russia

The state of working women and the formation of the class trade union movement in Russia.



Let me thank the organizers of today’s event, the representatives and the leadership of the World Federation of Trade Unions for the given possibility to attend the Conference on Working Women.


I am delegated to address the participants of the Conference on behalf of my Russian comrades, who struggle for workers’ right within the ranks of the workers’ trade union “Zashita” (Protection). I also think that I have the right to speak of the problems of 28 million Russian ...

Speech by the trade union committee “Professional Freedom”, Siberia

Appeal of the trade union  "Professional Freedom" of workers of Surgutneftegas Surgut city to the participants of the conference of the WFTU. History:  to defend their rights ( and the rights of women) workers created trade unions. In Russia 90% of trade unions is a part of the administration, since they are linked with the employer, starting with the period of the URSS. That is why the worker's rights are not being defended and are passing, and somewhere in Russia have already passed to the feudal level of trade relations. For example, in Surgutneftegas there is only one professional lawyer for 80 thousand ...

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